Waste Management Planning & Consulting

Solid waste management is a key concern faced by many businesses due to the large quantities produced, environmental constraints, public health concerns, diverse natures of wastes and landfill shortages. Having a comprehensive waste management system in place not only helps you contribute towards environmental-sustainability, but also helps you make the most of the available resources. HPG Consulting is committed to providing comprehensive waste-management solutions to diverse range of hospitality brands in India and abroad, while helping them keeping the cost low. The professionals at HPG Consulting, with years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the latest developments in the industry, are ideally placed to provide waste management consulting services covering every possible concern faced by businesses. From planning to implementation, HPG Consulting can help businesses with all aspects of waste management, and formulate a waste management plan to reduce, recycle, and dispose waste, safely and effectively.

What We Do

The waste management consultants at HPG Consulting take an integrated approach to waste management and recycling. We do an in depth analysis of waste generation along with waste composition from various project components & develop waste flow strategies accordingly.  Equipped with a deep knowledge of waste collection practices, transportation systems, materials recovery facilities, composting facilities, waste-to-energy plants, and landfills, we make sure the waste management plan we create is perfectly aligned with the present and future requirements of our clients and comply with all government regulations. Our expertise also lies in beneficial reuse and redevelopment of waste management plants and landfills.

Why Choose HPG Consulting

  • Hands-on operational experience
  • Latest industry knowledge
  • Competitive pricing
  • Collaborative approach
  • Comprehensive expertise

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