June 4, 2021
Commercial Kitchen during-covid

A tale of hybrid food courts and their kitchen planning

Humans are inherently social beings. They crave social engagement as a part of an innate desire and are always searching for an opportunity to catch up, […]
February 22, 2021
Food Service Consultants - HPG Consulting

Future of Foodservice Industry – from the drafting board of a Food Service Consultant

The food, services, and food services industries have witnessed a paradigm shift with changing technology and business landscape. But the fundamental design approach to equipment and […]
December 22, 2020

Frying The Frozen: Cooking In Antarctica

As commercial kitchen planners, we’re always fascinated by the culinary world and its various faces across the planet. Food is a universal component that unites us […]
September 1, 2020

The 101 On Kitchen Layout Organizing

Ask any restaurateur or chef what one of the most important aspects of a commercial kitchen is, and you’ll very likely be told that it’s the […]
November 15, 2017

The Commercial Refrigeration System Buying Guide – Part 1

A refrigeration system, which includes freezer and refrigerator, is a quintessential element in commercial kitchen design and planning. The refrigerator and freezer help keep the food […]